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Если Вы любите активный отдых, добро пожаловать в Кыргызстан!

Go outside your expectations, and experience Tien-Shan Mountain Holidays!

Mountain Guide Team is a group of mountain guides in Kyrgyzstan – Central Asia. We help you to plan and organize your climbing, hiking or bike tour to Tien-Shan mountains.

Each lead guide has an extensive outdoor background, formal training and leadership experience. Our guides are always ready to provide coaching and advice on any aspect of your trip. Your safety is their prime concern, and they will make decisions with this in mind. We must stress that listening carefully to instructions and following directions is your responsibility and in the best interest of you and the group. Lastly, our guides have a real enthusiasm for their work, and their love for the mountains, and we hope that Tian-Shan mountains will bring out the sense of adventure in you.

Our goal is to provide guests with a real mountain experience, off the beaten path, exploring the mountains as they really are: majestic, unspoiled and breathtaking. With comfort and safety as the highest priority, MGT takes guests to places that are difficult to get to. Whether you're 6 or 85, a first timer in the mountains or an experienced hiker or climber, we has an adventure to satisfy you!

We help you to plan and organize your tour from A to Z. Visa obtain, meeting and see off at the airport, background and making tour. Taking our service you only pay for guiding, for the other things like hotels, transport, you pay personally.


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